If you’re a fan of travelling the ocean waves don’t let mobility issues leave you stranded! 


Today holidaymakers are heading further afield aboard cruise ships – keen to see more of the world and enjoy more adventures during their annual vacation. 


And if you rely on a walking aid or a mobility scooter to get about, do not worry because they are now  widely accepted on ships across the world. 


As cruise ships have started visiting more countries and the vessels themselves have become mega-sized so the amount of walking required just to visit each deck has increased. 


For some, that means a scooter could be the perfect solution allowing them to access all areas of the ship safely and in comfort. 


And do not forget the more you can get around, the more you can make new friends and have fun! 


Here are Move Mobility’s top tips for taking your mobility scooter on the ocean waves. 


  1. You don’t have to be officially disabled to use a scooter onboard a cruise.


Anyone can bring or use a mobility scooter or wheelchair or walker on a cruise ship if it makes life more comfortable for you. 


You may have issues walking long distances, have an injury or just get tired easily – a scooter can be the perfect solution. 



  1. Flying to the port for departure 


If you must board a flight first to reach your cruise liner, look at folding scooters which are easily transportable.  


Remember to alert the airline in advance that you are bringing your scooter – many airlines allow you to bring one without additional charges. 


  1. Hiring a scooter


If you need to rent a scooter for your trip, plan in advance as cruise companies don’t carry stock on board – the booking agent will liaise with a mobility company to help you. 


 4. Don’t forget your charger!


    If you are going to be away for a week or two you will need to make sure your scooter is fully charged after every use so don’t forget your charger and make sure you have the key or you might find it will end up parked in your cabin all holiday! 


     Familiarise yourself with your scooter.

    Mobility scooters are easy to drive but make yourself comfortable and familiar with it before you set off. 


    Manoeuvring on board should be easy enough and most cabins and decks are built for scooters but beware the top deck where the sun worshippers gather as there may be loungers strewnacross the dexck all across are likely to leave their day beds strewn about naking your passage caros th deck a little more hazardous. 



    1. 5. Check accessibility before you book a shore excursion


    Most landings will be accessible but there may be places around the globe such as the beaches of the Caribbean or the rocky outcrops along the coast of Greece where a scooter may not be able to access so plan your excursions wisely. 


    1. Going up and down with ease


    You may never have been on a cruise liner before so you may be surprised some can boast as many as 17 decks. 


    With escalators out of the question to scooter riders, elevators will be the best option, and many have one door in and one door out making them easy to access. 


    On a packed ship it is worth allowing more time to get around – most people will assist you and accommodate you but there could be times when the lifts are busy and it is then patience comes in handy! 


    Above all – don’t stress, with a little bit of prior planning you can enjoy your cruise and get around – Bon Voyage!