Spring is here and with Summer just around the corner that encourages a lot of us to consider booking our next holiday.

But if you suffer from a disability which hinders mobility how easy is it to jump on a plane and enjoy a break in the sun?

Airlines are now required by law to allow people with disabilities to fly on their aircraft for free but it is worth making sure you follow a few simple steps if you rely on a mobility scooter or wheelchair.

  1. Mobility scootersare allowed on a plane but they will have to go into the hold so you will need to alert your airline at least 48 hours before you fly that you need assistance so that they can use a transfer chair to get you to your seat.
  2. You will need to supply the airline with the make, model, weight and size of your scooter or wheelchair and any information on how to dismantle it and reassemble it if necessary.
  3. You get what you pay for so a more expensive flight will probably mean a more comfortable experience.
  4. Get to the airport nice and early. Airlines also tend to board the assisted passengers first so allow plenty of time.