Escalating bills and the pressures of the cost-of-living crisis are affecting us all but no one is more worried than the disabled, many of whom can no longer work and so rely on benefits and watching every penny. 


With fuel bills particularly gas and electric going through the roof, it is no wonder many are worried whether they will be able to afford to power the very paraphernalia designed to allow them to keep their independence and live in comfort. 


Today however Rob Allsopp, sales manager at Move Mobility, was swift to reassure customers especially mobility scooter users that the costs of charging their equipment were still minimal. 


Rob said: “People are rightly concerned about the costs of running their scooters as they need to be charged via electricity, but we have done some calculations and found it still only costs around £40 a year to keep a scooter fully charged. 


“This equates to 23 pence per charge. If your scooter battery is charged regularly, it may last you for up to five years, so it is worth looking after it.” 


Rob said charging scooters at night, when electricity is at its cheapest, was also recommended. 


“If you look after your scooter you should get between 3,000 and 10,000km out of it in its’ lifetime.”