At Move Mobility we know that buying a mobility scooter can be a big investment which is why we have trained mobility consultants on hand to help you make an informed choice. 

We asked our mobility consultants to devise some top tips to help you think about the right scooter for your needs before you commit. 

Size and Weight  

Your size and weight will determine what scooter you have as some are not built for larger or heavier users. Many have seats and armrests that can be adjusted to make them more comfortable for users. 


Are you popping to the local shop or planning to go on days out and adventures? The range of the model you choose is important so make sure you look at battery life per charge. Different scooters also work for different terrains so if you are planning to visit a park or go on a woodland walk you are more likely to need a stronger, more durable road scooter than a simple pavement one. 

Type and Performance  

There are three main types of scooters – traditional, folding and portable. Decide whether you are likely to be doing lots of travelling or would prefer a portable or foldable model which you can throw in the boot of the car and just use for short journeys. 


Scooters come with varying speed capabilities with a top speed of 4mph for a pavement scooter to 8mph for a road scooter. It is important you choose the right model for your needs. 


Test out various scooters to see which controls suit you – some come with levers, others have buttons but all are designed to suit people depending on their disability. 

Ground Clearance  

Most reputable scooters have an allowance of at least three inches from the ground to enable you to get up hills and curbs and manage other uneven surfaces – so make sure you check this before buying your chosen model. 

Battery Options  

Standard batteries last between 25 and 50 miles per charge but look out for the new lightweight lithium batteries. They cost more initially but are fast charging and offer a longer lasting charge.  


If you use your scooter to go out shopping, the chances are you will need an attachable bag or a front basket. If you plan to go out at night, make sure your scooter has headlights and brake lights and have a look at little optional extras such as a rain cover for wetter days, a cup holder for a coffee or water bottle or a phone holder if you are navigating a particular route. 

Warranty and support services  

Manufacturers’ warranties may only last for a year so ask your mobility consultant about extended offers which will cover your scooter for the longer term against things like breakdowns and punctures. Request information too on our partner insurance services as scooters are objects of value and there is always a risk they may be stolen or damaged. 


Our Move Mobility showroom is available to provide you with all the assistance you need in buying the right model for your needs but remember too we provide a full aftercare service, and our expert maintenance engineer is always available to help you get any repairs done that you might need or advice on any issues you may have in the future.