As our pace of life changes, so too does our desire to be comfortable yet still able to get around our own home. Independence is a hugely important to people and the ability to be able to sit down and get up out of our favourite armchair unaided is a vital part of everyday living. Our rise and recliner chairs can suit a variety of needs. 

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At Move Mobility we offer a range of rise and recliner chairs. Each are made and distributed in the UK and designed to meet your needs and suit your décor.

Our advisors will visit you in your own home to talk through your requirements and help you choose the right armchair for you, all made to measure to fit your height and stature and with a bespoke range of finishes and fabrics.

Choose from our two different mechanisms when it comes to the range of sitting and reclining options and pick the type of backrest and seat cushion best suited to your needs.

Remember it is not just about finding a chair to rest and relax in when you are watching television or reading, but also finding one which makes it as easy as possible for you to get to your feet or sit back down in.

Rise and Recliner Chairs

We have a wide range of premium fabrics and leathers to choose from. Not one experience should be the same, so we make sure you have the bespoke chair that you deserve.

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From waterfall backs to buttoned options, at Move Mobility we have more otions for your comfort than you could dream of. Get in touch with our expert team today.

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We have a solution to suit every budget. Contact our Mobility Consultants via the button below and we can tailor your chair to suit your budget and requirements.

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Are you in Wolverhampton, Leicester or North Devon? Visit our Mobility Store and check out what we have to offer. Alternatively, we can come to you, just book a FREE home appointment today.

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The Move Mobility Journey

Buying a rise and recliner chair with Move Mobility couldn’t be easier. Simply fill in our contact form, sit back, put your feet up and relax!


  • One of our mobility consultants will arrange an appointment to come and see you in your own home. Here they will assess your needs and show you the range of chairs we offer.
  • Our consultant will measure you to ensure the chair frame you choose suits your stature. They will talk you through the options when it comes to the riser recline features.
  • We will also give you the opportunity to browse our range of fabrics. We also have a range of additional accessories so that you end up with your very own throne!
  • Once your order has been placed your chair will be handmade and built to measure in our UK-based workshop. It will be upholstered to top specifications in your chosen fabric.


When your chair is ready, why not take advantage of our white glove delivery service.


  • Our team will bring your bespoke chair directly to your home and assemble it in your chosen location. We will give you a full demonstration so that you are not only comfortable when it comes to sitting but also comfortable with getting the most out of your chair.
  • Our team will also leave you with a handy home user guide full of tips and handy reminders on the key features and benefits.

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You really will feel like a King or Queen on your throne when it comes to the premier chair in our range, the Caernarfon.

Designed with both comfort and luxury in mind, the Caernarfon boasts key features. These include a dual motor as standard for your ultimate ease whenever you are rising or reclining

Designed to support you whatever your weight or stature up to 25 stones, the Caernarfon also features a pocket sprung seat cushion. This offers maximum support complete with individual steel coil springs that should ensure your seat lasts a lifetime.

All our premium chairs have deep side pockets for your books and magazines. They also have a handy loop to ensure you never drop or lose the chair’s remote control.

The stylish backrest comes in a choice of designs. These range from the traditional split lumbar which provides great support for your lower back, to the three-tier sumptuous luxury of the waterfall or the classy elegance of the button back reminiscent of the Chesterfield chairs of old.

The Caernarfon also features full length covers to protect the arms of your chair. This shields it from wear and tear and castors enabling you to easily move it across the floor to your favourite perch in front of the television or a window.

When choosing our top of the range model you get to enjoy access to our widest range of fabric designs and colours. Choose from leather to damask and everything in between.

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Our midrange rise and recline chair is perfect if you want to enjoy functionality without compromising on style and comfort.

The Glamis comes with the popular split-lumbar cushion back as standard. It boasts sturdy wooden knuckle-designed arms to help support you as you rise from your seat. 

With the option of a single or dual motor you can select the chair best suited to your needs. Then simply select from a multitude of fabrics and colours for the look you want to achieve.

You can even choose the colour of the wooden arms from light to medium or dark wood and opt for your choice of feet for your chair. Choose gliders if you are sitting on a wooden or tiled floor, castors if you have carpets.

As with all our Move Mobility rise and recline chairs, we will make your chair to measure. We’ll also deliver it to you via our white glove service.

You can even choose the colour of the wooden arms from light to medium or dark wood and opt for your choice of feet for your chair –choose gliders if you are sitting on a wooden or tiled floor, castors if you have carpets.

As with all our Move Mobility rise and recline chairs, we will make your chair to measure and deliver it to you via our white glove service.

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With its’ wide arm rests and luxurious and stylish button back, the Rochester rise and recliner chair gives you all the support you need for sitting comfortably even for long periods of time.

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A handy side pocket on the right-hand side of the arm enables you to stow your newspapers or your book and a handy loop attached to the pocket means you will never be searching for your remote control.

The Rochester is set on durable castors making it easy to move to your preferred position in the lounge –even on carpets although we do offer the option of upgrading to glides which are more suitable for wooden or laminate floors.

Your rise recline chair also features a safety device as standard which will lower the chair in the event of a power cut, so you never need to feel anxious

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Accessories For Rise and Recliner Chairs

Seat pads

Our chairs come with an easiform seat cushion as standard except for the Caernarfon but you may choose to upgrade to a deluxe pocket sprung seat cushion especially if you spend long hours seated.


Our handmade chairs all come with a choice of backrests from waterfall, button or split lumbar –simply choose the design you find most comfortable.


Our head rest covers protect your sofa from daily wear and tear are available in a range of fabrics and finishes to suit your chair.

Arm Caps

Available in standard or full length and in fabrics to match your chair these will protect the backrest from daily wear and tear.


Available as single or double castors these are the ideal feet for chairs that will sit on a carpet but still giving you the flexibility to site your chair where you want it whether that be in front of the television or a window.


If you are positioning your chair on a wooden floor, the glides will give you the support you need and when combined with anti-slip cups mean your chain won’t slide.
If aches and pains make daily life a struggle, why not consider upgrading your chair with our heat and massage seat.
Designed to activate and massage ten points on your body –please not this is note compatible with our pocket sprung cushions.


If you want to coordinate your chair with additional lounge furniture why not enquire about our matching sofas available in two or three-seater options or our static armchair all made to measure in your chosen fabric.


Suitable for all but the largest of our chairs this handy device clips onto the back of your seat and angles over your shoulder making it easier for you when you’re reading or sewing.

Please note if you are ordering accessories separately and not at the time of ordering your chair an additional delivery fee applies -see our price list for details


Available in your chosen fabric to compliment your choice of chair, the large foot stool measures 32”W x 26”D x 16”H and is available in a choice of light or dark wooden feet.

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